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Welcome to my Web site!

As a car freak for most of my life, I have decided to share some of the trials and tribulations that people like myself experience because of our car addictions.

My name is Spencer and I Live in Southern California, the car capital of the world...

I have always been interested in anything mechanical, and I always wanted to know how things like cars worked.  Like many of us I started with models that were the high end dicast detailed models when many others were playing with the snap together plastic ones.  I guess that is when my parents should have known I had a problem and done something about it. 

I am lucky to have a VERY understanding wife who takes kindly to my obsession.  She feels that it is a positive way to blow of my stress.  Probably a lot better than going to a bar to watch basketball games.

She is probably the only wife that agreed to go with me to meet Bill Mallalieu, one of the main car freaks in Barbados when we were on our honeymoon.  Bill has opened his personal collection up to allow visitors.  There is no regular hours, and if Bill is available he will schedule a time and walk you through.  He is the main race organizer in Barbados, and he manages to get some real big time racers to come and race on Barbados like Stirling Moss.  If you go to Barbados, you have to say hi to Bill.  He was one of the nicest guys I have met in my travels, and he actually hopped in a  car took off from work and drove Wendy and I to one of his favorite restaurants when we mentioned that we had not decided where to eat lunch.

Heck this is a great reason to go to Barbados, even if you ignore, the killer restaurants, great diving beautiful resorts, etc.

I like to escape on the roads around the Malibu Hills on my Triumph Daytona.  (Real men ride British Bikes, Right?)  Of course most of my friends are hard core Ducati/Cagiva/ Aprillia guys but I always had to be different.

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