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This collection of links is always under construction because it seems the sites keep changing and every month more links move or disappear all together. I will try hard to keep it up to date, as well as updated with places that I (and hopefully you) will find interesting.

 Spridget/British Parts Houses
bulletMoss Motors   The KING of restoration parts and superchargers for Brit Cars
bulletSpeedwell Engineering     Tom Colby-the guy to call if you are going to race a sprite.
bulletMini Mania
bulletDon Racine has created a Mini empire in the boonies in Nor Cal.  Give then a call when you have questions and chances are they can help you.  Don has a killer 1380cc supercharged Frogeye.
bulletAdvanced Performance Technologies    A series hotrod engines
bulletHealey Surgeons
bulletVictoria British     Another catalog house with many parts that you will need.
bulletPierce Manifolds
bulletA great source for Spridget parts including Manifolds (bet you never would have guessed that?) Webers, and Alloy Heads.
bulletCape International (UK) Healey Specialist near Coventry.
bulletAcme Speed Shop
bulletin Greenville SC.  Hap makes an awesome front suspension kit for the spridget at just over $3,000.  Check out the race engines and other services.  If money only grew on trees!
bulletWinners Circle  All kinds of Spridget stuff
bulletHendrix Wire Wheel
bulletHeritage Upholstery & Trim Nice stuff, but too expensive for me.
bulletJoe Curto Inc.    SU Specialists
bulletBritish Wire Wheel - BROKEN LINK - I need to find if they are still in business
bulletRivergate Transmission Conversions -REMOVED- due to viruses at http://www.rivergate5speed.com/
bulletBritish Wiring - Great place for Brit wiring odds and ends
bullet Performance Fiberglass Midget/Sprite
bulletBritish Car Keys     Keys cut to code
bulletMotorhead ltd - Fairfax VA
bulletPeter May Engineering - UK
bulletFrontline - UK
bulletLittle British Car Company
bulletBritish Car Specialist
bulletFrogeye Spares - UK     Name kinda says it all!
bulletBritish Tool Company   
bulletMoto-Lita Steering Wheels
bulletAutosport Inc
bulletBritish Racing Green Parts
bulletSeven Enterprises     Race motors
bulletRimmer Bros - UK
bulletSpridgetech Inc.

Car Freaks

bulletHonda Powered Tube Frame Mini
bulletA SoCal builder of one of the craziest Minis around.  Carbon Fiber, Tube Frame, Honda Powered, Craziness.  A MUST VISIT!
bulletSingle Seat Motorcycle Powered 800 lb Car
bulletDennis is a total car freak.  He sold his BMW M Coupe and his Westfield MegaBusa to help pay for one of the most intense custom built cars.  Makes a Radical seem big.
bulletGraber Cars
bulletHere is another home built mid engine custom bodied killer car.
bulletJack Fields - Starlite Rod & Kustom
bulletJack builds wild magazine cars, Killer Kustoms and Crazy rat rods.  If you are ever in Torrance, CA it is worth checking out his shop.
bulletMGB GT V8 Sebringesque Hot Rod  - BROKEN LINK ?????
bullet 190HP V6 Frogeye Sprite
bulletLate Night Air Cooled - Bryan Houston does amazing things with VW's

Hang Outs for Car Freaks

bulletRicky and Ronnies   BROKEN LINK  BROKEN LINK  http://www.rickyandronnies.com/
bulletA great 50's diner in the heart of SoCal.  You never know what you will find in the parking lot at Ricky and Ronnies
bulletDonut Derelicts      Adams and Magnolia in Huntington Beach, CA
bulletCaffeine Cruisers  The Starbucks at 190th and Anza in Torrance
bulletAce Cafe in London


bulletColin Dodd - The Toy Shop (AUS)
bulletKiller detail work from what I've seen.  Also very knowledgeable/helpful with questions asked on the yahoo Bugeye group.
bulletRagtops and Roadsters
bulletMG Motorsports    Holy Sh*t..Beautiful stuff.  And I was going to keep my B GT Stock? These guys build some amazing toys!

Race Goodies

bulletDemon-Tweeks - UK    Lots of fun race Stuff


Car Clubs
bulletThe Midget & Sprite Club     A register of a huge number of Sprites and midgets.
bulletAustin Healey Club of America - BROKEN LINK - I will research correct link
bulletAustin Healey Club - USA
bulletAustin Healey Sports & Touring Club
bulletF.I.S.C.     European Racing of Sprites
bulletMG Drivers Club (US)
bulletAustin Healey Club -So Cal
bulletSan Diego Austin Healey Club
bulletAustin-Healey Assoc. of So Cal
bulletSprite Car Club - AUS
bulletMG car club - UK
bullet The Midget and Sprite Club - UK

Garage Supplies

bulletGriots Garage    A MUST GET catalog.


Personal Sprite Sites

bulletBiff Jones  Kermit the green frogeye sprite and Ole Gray the 61 AH Sprite
bulletJacques Le Clainche    Racing Bugeye, Lotus 7, and a Porsche Boxter -Broken Link http://www.leclainche.com/hobbycars/
bulletJohn Cunningham    Red Bugeye
bulletJohn Carey    Nice Bugeye in Nor Cal
bulletPat Leask    Bugeye and TVR - nice details
bulletRoberts 69 Midget
bullet Michael Farmer Technical Sprite Drawings for sale on Michaels Site
bulletBugiii's Sprite Page   Larry Millers Sprite Site
bulletGerards Garage -Sprites and Sprites
bulletTeam Thicko   BROKEN LINK
bulletSpritenuts    BROKEN LINK -  Frank Clarici's Sprite tribute
bulletRWA Hometown
bullet Jeff & Claudia's 65 Sprite
bulletBecky's Sprite Site     BROKEN LINK Not many Dog's own a spridget    http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Downs/4936/becky.htm
bulletMarcus Wilsons Bugeye site  BROKEN LINK - http://members.iinet.net.au/~sun/dlhome/restoration.htm
bullet Anthony Cutler - KMidgets    Site dedicated to K swaps
bullet73 Midget Resto     BROKEN LINK    http://www.geocities.com/fastmidget/
bulletJag engine in a Sprite -Beautiful detail work
bulletRed Sprite Page
bulletHerbytoy     Project Street Racer Sprite
bulletThe Autoist
bulletPhil Nase's Bugeye site        Yellow and a white bugeye


bulletClassic Motorsports     I miss the old British Car title, but I still enjoy it
bulletGrassroots Motorsports     Tim Suddard does a great job creating a proper Magazine
bulletClassic and Sports Car Magazine    One of my favorites
bulletVintage Motorsports Magazine
bulletVictory Lane
bulletPractical Classics
bulletHemmings (Must Have)
bulletClassic MG Magazine
bulletOctane Magazine
bulletMG Enthusiast Magazine
bulletAutosport Inc
bulletRacecar Engineering

Tech Tips, Projects, and Ideas

bullet Car Rottisserie


bullet British Heritage Motor Center
bulletApple Hydraulics    Brakes, Shocks and carburetors
bulletBritish Toolbox
bulletBring A Trailer - One of the best classified sites on the internet
bulletVintage Sports Car Drivers Association
bullet Nory's MG Links
bullet World Classic - Austin Healey info
bulletThe Spritespot
bulletThe Scions Of Lucas
bulletModified Austin Healey Register
bullet Gary Kirby British Car Paintings
bulletRiley WebRing
bulletK & R Replicas     Scale Models of Brit Cars
bulletBritish Cars Org
bulletVintage Rotaries      Sorry but had to put some Mazda Rotary links.
bullet MGB GT V8 Conversion BB
bulletSoCal Culture
bulletSeven Links



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