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1960 Falcon - GONE

This is my friend Al's 1960 Falcon.  He lost his storage space and is looking for this to go to a good home.  The hard work has been done.  I know you all hear that all the time in ad's, but this does not have a single spot of thru rust anywhere.  The body is in great condition with just a few dings, scrapes, etc.


Engine is non existent.  Put in what you want.  A retro 289 tri power, a 500 HP 351 injected motor, a stroker.  You are limited only by your budget and imagination.

She is just calling out for a Top loader or a Tremec 5 speed

Color:  white paint.  It is a cheapie paint job, but it looks good.  This is a great start for a gasser look if you want a touch of Patina to make it look ol' school. The interior is a black and grey bench with decent carpet.

Rear end is a Currie 9" rear end with Lincoln disk brakes.  The rear end is brand new.  This alone is worth the cost of the car.

Front end is a mustang two conversion with Rack and pinon. This thing will handle, and now has tons of room for the engine of your choice.

The body can be used as is for many years. 



CALL 310-722-0445 to arrange to see it.



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