Wendy's 1955 Ford Fairlane Club Coupe-

Restarting the Project - MARCH 2010

I finally got a chance to get back to the Fairlane again after a few years. The desert temps have not been nice to the car. I got her to turn over, and the water pump started to leak instantly. No fuel was getting to the carb, so I used starter fluid. The second she fired, she sounded great. Then I noticed the huge puddle of power steering fluid. it all streamed out of the very expensive power steering control valve that was rebuilt already. It was pouring out of every crevice.

Still no fuel to the carb. If I hook up a remote tank and pump she runs great. I hooked up a siphon to the fuel line and pulled some gunk out of the line until it freely flowed. I changed the fuel filter and tried again. NOTHING. next step was to disconnect the rubber line at the carb and turn the key. NOTHING. the damn fuel pump is fried. Time to replace the old pump.

3/27/10       Okay, new pump is in. That was a pain. I have never had a single fuel pump work so hard to not be changed. Still having problems after the new pump is in. It will idle until the choke comes off, and then die. It also will not rev. Carb must be varnished. Too bad I do not have gaskets to open the carb up.

I pulled a carb off the dodge and put it on the Ford and she is now running okay. I will clean her carb out this week and get her back together. I am not going to worry that she does not seem to be running stronger until I can get some new gas in her. I think the 1/2 tank she has is about 3 years old. I will fill her up and see if that makes a difference. Once I run a full tank of fresh gas though, I will clean the fuel filters and then see how she runs.


I never liked the fact I could not pull the rear wheels off the car without removing the rear springs because the previous owner lowered the car so much. I decided it was time to do something about it. Note the height of the wheel well in the photo below.

This was achieved via a set of lowering blocks.

Here we see the old block on the left, and the new block on the right. Now I am a little worried as the old block is a decent unit and it has the correct pinion wedge to change the driveline geometry for a 4 inch drop. the Speedway unit I have does not have any correction for a 2 inch drop and it should have a small amount of angle to make sure the drive line angles work. Looks like I might be dropping the rear end again soon.

Sorry for the bad photo but we now see the car is sitting about 2 inches higher, and I can actually remove and install the wheels.

April 7, 2010

Over the last week, I have been working on getting her more road worthy. Still have power steering that leaks like a sieve. I changed the oil and filter. I removed the Load-o-matic distributor and put in a 59 ford distributor with new cap and rotor. This does not require the Teapot carburetor that I do not have on the car. It should help me with drivability. I still have to get the carb and timing totally dialed in. All in all she is getting there. I also need to find where the heck I put the sticker for the license plate. I have the cancelled check, I just cannot find the sticker.

I took her for her first night drive since I have owned her and I found that the front running lights have 2 different color bulbs..one is white and one is orange. The orange looks much better.

In addition to this I have started sanding all the surface rust that ate through the thin coat of primer over the last two years. I will post more photos as soon as I shrink them and upload them to this computer.

Boy, Talk about a crowded garage. This is crazy. I think this photo covers Slow, Fast and Low.

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