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Wendy's 1955 Ford Fairlane Club Coupe-


I have been having a terrible time with steering hoses.  Every supplier I bought hoses from were not even close to what is on my car.  Everything looks stock, so I have no clue as to why nothing fits.

After spending too much money buying very expensive NOS and remanufactured hoses from Peerless Auto Parts, and Mac's Antique Auto Parts, I decided to visit a local company. 

I dropped by The Air & Hose Source in Indio, CA and they took one look at the hoses, raided their parts bin, pulled out the ends they needed, measured everything up and 30 minutes later I walked out with an exact set of perfect reproduction hoses.  I might add they were WAY cheaper than the factory Ford pieces.  - If you need hoses give them a call at (760) 342-0020.

As you can see by the above photograph, my backyard is a mess, and the car is filthy, but I do have some basic shade to try to keep the 113 degree heat from kicking my butt.

Once I had the parts I pulled the front end apart......I slapped it together without torqueing it and shimming it just to move it.  So I pulled it apart.  Double checked the bushings, and properly put it in with the correct shims, etc.

While I was at it I put in new front springs, shocks, tie rods, sway bar end links, bushings, and any thing else I could think of.

It looks really good as it is coming together.  I am getting really excited for driving it again.  Especially with the steering and brakes working well. 

The passenger side together.  I now just have to get the power steering hoses in, and then work on the brakes.

The new master cylinder and power booster from Brake Tech Solutions looks great.  I am now working on getting some lines pulled together and this weekend I might be driving.....I am so excited.

Pulling Her Out Of Storage

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