1969 MGB GT

I saw this on Ebay and next thing I know another damn British car followed me home.  I told my wife I still don't know how this happens, but these LBCs really should come with warning labels......"warning: These cars are addictive".

The car needed some love.  As you can see it is missing a few parts and the Front passenger side quarter is slightly bent.  The front and rear bumpers are in the car.


The interior has also seen better days.


This was purchased from a guy that had bought it for his son and it would require hours of labor to undo all the RESTORATION that they did.  I sanded off coats of black spray can paint and primer to find a okay looking blue paint underneath.  I only saw a few rough spots that could have been touched up, but was now beyond repair. 



They also tried to do some Bondo repair on a small fender bender that the son had while learning how to drive.  I chiseled out the old bondo and hammered the metal into the proper shape

2) I found only 1 small spot of rust on the car, and I cut out all signs of it and performed proper rust repair.  Go to the next section to see details of the rust repair.

3) Go to Prep For Paint.

4) or you can check out starting to reassemble,

5) or the fun of chasing down wiring

6) She Runs and Drives.

7) Trying to make her dependable She has been off the road for so long, that she needs to really be treated to some basic love.  I have found I drive her a bit, and find more problems.  I fix one thing to make something else go wrong.  When I am done, I plan to have a car that can go anywhere, anytime.

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