1969 MGB GT

Moving Along - Years Later

I Kept the factory color, and did not bother respraying under the hood (This is meant to be a driver, not a show car). Getting her back to the house was a real pain, since the bodyshop did something to the car, and she will not even make a sound, even with a new battery. I am getting no voltage to the dash, or the ignition switch. I guess I will be redoing the new wiring sooner than I thought.

She is starting to look more like a car, and shiny is always good right?

She got moved into the garage, and life happened. a new baby was born, A major move took place. My new garage shrunk from the previous one, and all the projects in my life came to a grinding HALT!


I (after a 4 year break) excavated the unopened boxes from the move, and I actually found that I had 4 cars behind all the boxes. Who Knew! I actually had some projects that were forgotten in the lost reaches of my mind.

Bringing her to life was the first step, once I dug her out.

I used a MOSS wiring kit for the GT. It was a decent kit, but it did not match the old system exactly. One thing I can say is I am shocked I drove the old car with no fires. The old harness has 45 years of horrible repairs and shorts and was just a miracle it ran. I found a major short (must have happened when the body shop was cranking it to start it. The ignition circuit was melted into one mass for about 6 inches (this must have smoked like crazy and the shop FORGOT to mention it to me. OOPS!

As I move forward I have been chasing the wiring, which is made interesting because one of the previous owners has been using old mismatched wire to make some of the sub harnesses, so none of the colors are correct, so I cannot just hook up GR to a GR or U to U, I am hooking up a GR to a PB, etc. What a pain. I did replace the turn signal switch and the reverse lights and brake lights are now working. I still cannot get the turn signals to work.....possibly the flasher module? One interesting part was the Turn signal/high beam switch. The lights were going from high to low on there own. This is what I found. Notice the custom wiring repair and just above it you can see where the pot metal has disintegrated due to shorts.

So, a call to Moss motors and ..... we have a whole box of parts including a new switch.

I always love seeing all the nice things that Moss sends me, and if you have not ordered from them, there tech guys are great, the online ordering is quick, and you get a notification with shipping details (usually in a few hours).

Chasing Wires and Detail Work

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