1969 MGB GT


I am starting to feel I am making progress. The Carbs are fighting me every step of the way, so I have been thinking of sending them out to a pro like Joe Curto. Since I cannot drive her with it flowing gas everywhere, I am going to continue to do the detail work on the wiring.

I have heard great things about this book so I checked it out/ It is MGB Electrical Systems by Rick Astley. He is a bit dry, but it is an electrical manual. HE does a great job of describing the most common problems and the best way to modify the circuits to improve the stability of the system. I strongly suggest this to anyone with a MG. PERIOD.

I have been resistance testing each wire from the sub harnesses and I have been replacing anything that needs to be replaced. I do need the brake failure switch plug. I will post a detailed photo later.

and it never ends

I am still adapting to my much smaller garage, so I got rid of some of my rivet rack shelves and built some shelves along one wall, with one more wall to go before I have enough storage. I cannot wait until I can actually walk in my garage.

Since I made some space in the garage, I hunted down the boxes that I ordered from Moss years ago, and I re-found all kinds of goodies.

The glare is terrible, but you can see that she is starting to actually resemble something that goes on the street.  I just need to get the front and rear windows installed, rebuild the carbs, and do an ignition tuneup and she will be ready to do a driveway test drive. I already replaced all the rubber fuel lines and had to soak the metal lines to get the old varnish out. Using air and nasty cleaners I was able to get all the gunk out of the hard lines. I bled the brakes and the clutch.  Now that I am thinking about it I want to replace the wheel cylinders and brake lines since she sat for so long.

Check it out...She Runs And Drives!

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