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1969 MGB GT


August 2011 - Well the car was gotten running and then she was stuck in the garage as I could net get her to run great.  I have also been fighting her on many different fronts.  First is getting the dash perfect.  I have been having a nightmare getting the gauges to work, and actually getting them mounted in the dash.  I believe the oil gauge issue is the sender, which is not a traditional resistance based sender.  I need to address that still.

The Speedo sis still not behaving right.  I replaced the cable, both angle drives, and she is still bouncy.  I figure it is either the drive gear in the transmission or it is the speedo itself.  The issue is the only speedo gears I can find are used, and I am not sure I know what the right one is.  The second issue is redoing the speedo is an expensive proposition.  I will pick up a few drive gears and let you know the results.

I swapped the HIF4's for a Weber 32/36 DGV.  This was based on a budget more than anything else.  The HIFs did not fit the choke cable very well, and I know that the throttle shaft bushes really need to be redone, and a weber was cheaper than rebuilding 2 SU carbs.  I will keep my eye open for a nice serviceable HS4 set of carbs.

I have adjusted the valves to .015 cold.  We had a few valves that were so tight, I do not think they could totally close, and I also had 2 that were so loose, I do not know how they opened. 

I changed the oil again, with a new Bosch premium filter.  I also drained the oil out of the trans and stuck in a few pints of 20w50 dino oil.

I tested the vacuum advance on my distributor, and it functioned AND it held vacuum.  I contacted Jeff at Advanced Distributors and ordered his Lucas 25D Points plate to ensure I had the best starting point with no slop for the points and condenser to mount to.  These also ship with an all new ground terminal and ground wire.

I have been taking her drives ranging from 1 to 5 miles.  I take her during the day 115-118 degrees with no AC, as well as for cool evening drives when the temp drops to 95-100 degrees.  The car gets up to about 210 degrees, as long as I am moving.  If she is stuck in heavy traffic or if she idles for more than 10 to 15 minutes she will creep towards 240 and I have to get her moving or shut her off so she does not boil.   This can be addressed a few ways.  First, underhood temps can be addressed by ceramic coating the exhaust and adding louvers to the bonnet.  Second I need to fabricate a decent shroud.  Third, I need to update the radiator seals so air has to go through the radiator.  I will post photos.

I have been cleaning up under hood to make it nicer to work on.  I would like to get it to the point that I do not come away covered in oil and grease for doing simple adjustments on the car.



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