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Now that the car is stripped into manageable bites, I started to take the paint off.  I started doing this by myself....  I changed my mind after starting to spend WAY too much time on this.  I called all my car friends and found a great place to dip the car.  So I loaded it on the truck and headed up to the valley....

The stripper had the car for a little over a week.  He called me and I headed up to get my car, I was shocked at what a great job this did.  All the undercoat, and paint and rust was gone.








The first thing I did was to use lots of cleaner and water to get all the chemicals out of the seams.  In the future I will spend a bit more time here because even is you swear it is clean, it's not.  I used PPG DX579 metal cleaner, which was nasty stuff.  DO NOT Breath this stuff.  It is a phosphoric acid based cleaner that is very strong.  I have a few places that the paint just did not work, because chemicals seeped out of welded seams that I cleaned four times.  After the cleaning, I sanded and then used self etching primer (PPG DPX 171 non-chrome self-etch Primer).

  I sprayed the body with thin coats of the DPX 171 and made sure I got all the bare metal including under the lip in the trunk, etc.

I than coated the car w/ a few coats of PLC 901 Poly Primer.  I like the Polyester resin primers because they seem to hold up much better and they do not seem to shrink as much as non poly primers. 


 The homemade stand helped quite a bit for moving everything around.  The next step was sand, sand, sand, sand, sand, prime, sand, sand, sand, prime, sand, sand, sand.  I did not include these pictures because it would depress me how much manual labor I put into the car.




Also notice that I made a homemade spray booth, with plastic, air intakes and exhaust that were all filtered with HEPA filters.






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