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THE Test Fitting of body panels

I  guess this is where I make sure that I marked everything correctly.  I did a trial fit and found that I actually have a little room in the garage again.  It was a major hardship going from a 4+ car garage at my old house to a small 2 car garage at the new house.  I like to think of this house as a nice stepping stone until my new business gets fired up.


I guess it looks okay to me.  I am still undecided as to what to do with the dash.  I could smooth and fill the unneeded holes and go with a covered dash more suited for making my life easier, or I can create a all new aluminum one that is really more suited for track days.  I have been looking at lots of photos on the net trying to get some ideas, and I am still unsure. 

The inside of the trunk lid is painted and I will be redoing the whole exterior in one shot when the car is reassembled.

As for the panels, They all seem to be in good shape.  I have not painted the fenders or hood, as I have not decided how I am going to punch louvers in yet.  The best way is to go to Sir Michaels in Orange County, but they have a 90+ day backlog, and they want to keep your panels at their shop.  Sheldon is amazing with any custom metalwork, and he backlogs without even advertising that they do custom work (its all word of mouth).  I just have some fears about leaving some pristine panels in an industrial shop for 3 months.  I could roll my own using a louver tool in a body roller on a small panel and weld the square panel in.  Race Ace makes some beautiful Stainless or Aluminum bolt/rivet in panels that look nice, but not necessarily proper.

I of course would welcome input on this topic, like I do on anything else.  Another little project that I will handle is I need to open up the front valence with 2 large ovals for airflow for the oil cooler.  See the sketch that I made at the beginning of the project for an idea.





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