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THE Disassembling

I always liked this part.  My mom said that I had a destructive personality when I was a kid.  I don't think so.  I prefer to think of it as I had a thirst for knowledge.  Specifically the knowledge of how things were put together.  This always aggravated my parents fro two reasons.  The first was that sometimes I could not put things back together.  The second was that my father felt that working on cars was a un-worthwhile hobby. 

I first started out by stripping the nasty interior that was full of dirt and chicken S*&t.  Once I got the seats out I started ripping the carpet out.  When the carpet was out I was able to confirm what I saw when the car was sitting on its floorboards in sand.  The floors had absolutly NO rust.  I could not even find surface rust.  I HAVE NEVER seen this on an LBC before (except for that Europa I did).  If anyone is interested I do have a set of bucket seats that I am not reusing.  They are not great, but if you need the frame they are a really good base.  The Vinyl was cooked in the sun, so it is hard as a rock.  Contact me if you want detail photos or if you want to make an offer.

The dash also had some ill effects from the sun.  The gauges worked when i got the car fired up, so I will be reusing them for the time being.  I really like the accuracy of the race gauges available, but the Smiths just seem so proper.  I will assess if I need to go to a better setup once I do a track day or two.  I guess ideally I should go straight to a nice stack setup, so I know that the readings I am getting are accurate, but I am a sucker for proper looks.


I started by soaking all the fasteners I could find in Liquid Wrench overnight.  I also took a copious number of pictures of all the main areas of the car with special care given to the wiring and plumbing.   I then started taking things off.  I got the car in the air and removed things and labeled everything that was removed.

I went slow so to try not to break any of the fasteners, and anything that was really stubborn I tried heat and more penetrating oil before resorting to more drastic measures.

Now this is what I call an engine compartment.  Seriously, I hate dirty engine bays, I guess it is a pet peeve of mine.  I will be glad to do something with this.  I cannot believe that I got this car to run by changing the oil, filter, plumbing in a different petrol tank, and replacing a few vacuum lines.  The guy said it ran when parked, and ill be damned, he was telling the truth.  Thats a first.



Now I am taking all the big things off.  Hood (bonnet), doors, etc.  Bay these things disassemble very quickly.  I feel that I am really starting to make some progress. 

Now came the part that I was dreading


The chance to drain out gas that was sitting in the high desert for 17 years since the car ran last.  I really hate the smell of rotten petrol.  This stuff is just nasty.  I drained everything out of the tank and I took the old gas to a service station to get rid of.  The exhaust I cut off with my trust Milwaukee Sawzall reciprocating saw. 



As you see I finally found some surface rust.  The inner fender wells were NOT rusted thru.  Nice bit of luck for me.  Still have not found any rust holes yet.




A small child came walking by with his mom, right when I was doing another degreasing, and he looked at me (covered in grease) and the car, and his mom.  He said Mommy, I think the car is really sick.  I laughed because every time I get to this stage I wonder if it is the car or myself that is sick.

Oh well, Now that I cleaned another 10 lbs of dirt, grime and grease off the car it is time to attack it with an attitude.


Okay, out comes the 1275.  What to do with it?  I guess I will stick it on a shelve for now because there is a lot more work to do.




I am now feeling a bit better about the car.  All the key stuff is off the car.  Now that I think of it all the not key stuff is off the car.  HELL, its just a tub.  Time to go get a week long bath in a tub of acid.  Just what Dr. Spencer ordered for his patient.





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