Dodge Pickup - Engine





9.5 to 1 CR Forged Pistons

305Chevy heads that have been ported, drilled for Screw in studs and guide plates


I took the engine parts to Tony at T.G.'s Auto Machine Shop in Hawthorne California.

He hot tanked the block, and checked it for cracks.  He installed my new cam bearings, freeze plugs and bored and honed the block.  He also checked the tolerances for the crank and polished the crank.  I had him press the pistons onto the rings.  Total for this service was $276

I got my parts from Performance Automotive Warehouse in Chatsworth CA.  Most of you know them as PAW.  I ordered the master rebuild kit with the Hi performance Cam option and the high performance gasket option.

The kit came with lifters, main bearing set, connecting rod bearing set, High Volume oil pump, forged pistons, rings, Cam, Springs, valve stem seals, gaskets, etc.  This came to $451 with tax and shipping.  I had the stamped chrome valvecovers and other misc stuff that was on my old engine, so we are set with a nice start for just over $700.

Spark plug wires from Summit $55

HEI Distributor $139

The motor should be fairly healthy....I know it sounds great.

The next step is to give it a nice traditional hot rod look.  I called up Moon Eyes and had them make up a set of finned valve covers, and I have been checking E-bay and the swap meet looking for a nice 3 x2 intake setup.

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