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Okay, the end of December 2004 and I have a technical issue.  Or it is probably more likely a human issue.  The wife was ready to have our baby, and I did a quick download of one of my memory cards on my digital camera so the card was empty for the trip to the hospital.  When I got back from the hospital ALL my shots of the engine, and the install are GONE.  Now I know how calm and collected I was (pending first time fatherhood) so I find it unlikely that I did a major screw-up, so it must be my camera, or the card, or the computer, or the rotation of the earth, or the close to full moon, or the humidity in the air.....Right?  Right? must be.

Seriously, After a few days of no rest and relaxation, I went out and got some photos for the site.  I apologize that many of my buildup and installation photos disappeared.  You all got to miss the funny faces I made putting my LCB into a very small spot.  I am sure glad the LCB adds to the overall performance, because if it did not, I would be really pissed after all this work.

Okay, Seeing as it is raining in SoCal, I tried to get the best shots I could.  When it gets nicer outside, I will try to update these with better shots.

This is what we started with.  An original 1275 with approx. 70,000 miles.  The unit has not been bored or machined.  It should be a fun one to build

Here is what it looks like in the car.


I really feel like this is coming together now.  It almost looks like a car.

Notice that the seats are here.. Find out more about them in the next section.

I went with a Weber down draft from Pierce Manifolds.  I also have a brand new set of SU carbs, that I decided not to use.  I guess they will go into the Frogeye pile of parts.

I have everything so stacked in the Garage it is a pain to work on the car when it rains.  I have a horrible time getting around.  I really need to get a better house. (read GARAGE).  I wonder if the wife would let me buy a commercial building?





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