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1) Keep it fairly stock so it retains the original character of the car. - What I mean by this is I am not going to convert the car to tube shocks front and rear, no fancy brakes, no zetec or rotary (that will be another project).

2) Build a healthy motor for the car that is well thought out.  - I want a "proper" motor for the car, so I am sticking with a series A BMC.  I want a motor that makes some HP, is well balanced, and can handle many track days without needing to be rebuilt regularly.  The goal I set on paper was 125 HP.  I know that this is unrealistic, but I do like to challenge myself in the first draft.  The plan can change.  I set aside a health budget for the engine, and talked to many people to figure out what I should do.  I also spent many nights reading anything sprite that I could. 

3) Do period updates to the suspension, like an earlier racer would have done.  I know we have much better technology, so I will look into the options that are available for the car while still keeping the stock design of suspension.  Add polyurethane bushings, larger sway bar, heavier oil in lever shocks, etc.

4) strip unneeded weight from the car.

5) Make the interior track friendly.

6) Utilize a good set of wheels and tires.  I am still undecided on this.  I can go with more modern wheels that are much lighter, but they do not have the right character.  I used minilite styling in my sketches, because they look right, but at the track I might be testing a few different choices.

7) Paint and body.  I want to take the car down to bare metal, and make sure nothing is hiding.  I will then pound out the dents until just a light skim of filler is needed, then many coats of poly primer and lots of sanding to make sure she looks good.  I decided on PPG concept, just because it came out so good on my father in-laws car.  I wanted to go with a BRG with Yellow highlights/stripes.  My wife does not like BRG, so we decided on powder blue/ Hemi Orange.  We are kinda going for the GULF racing color scheme from the 70's.  I found that it is much easier to let my wife choose things like this since she gives me so much leeway on all the projects.

8) Have fun building it! - Unlike many other projects I HAVE NOT set a deadline, and I am not forcing myself to work on the car.  We will see how this goes because I have never tried this approach before.  I found that with work being so crazy meeting my deadlines just added more stress, so it will be done when it is done.

9) Update the fuel system to make sure I do not starve the motor.  I decided on a fuel cell that I will probably source from Tom Colby at Speedwell Engineering.  He has a nice unit that he has built for him by Fuel Safe.  The lines and hoses will be from Earls in Inglewood, CA.

10) Update the cooling and make sure the car has enough air to stay cool in the So Cal summers.  I am leaning towards an aluminium radiator with an electric fan, but I have been getting mixed feedback.  I do have a Mocal oil cooler and some braided stainless lines and a thermostat for the oil cooler.  I would love any feedback on this topic.

11) Safety, Safety, Safety.  A nice safe cage, a decent fire system, and research what others are doing for track day cars.  I have been leaning towards an autopower cage, but seeing as This really will be more of a track car, I might go whole hog and have a custom cage made.

12) I am keeping the Ribcase for now, but I have been talking to Pierce manifolds about their conversion to a 5 speed and it seems much more sophisticated than some of the other nightmare conversions that I have heard about.  Let me know what the rest of you have done.





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